Coastline Volleyball Club

About the Coastline Volleyball Club

The mission of Coastline Volleyball Club is to foster a growing community of youth, parents, coaches and mentors dedicated to:  

  1. Developing the total person by balancing the priorities of physical training, academics, community service, play and rest.  
  2. Training and competing at the highest level in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  
  3. Championing the sport of volleyball to youth from all backgrounds throughout our region at an affordable price through our competitive and recreational teams, camps and clinics.  
  4. Providing the top dedicated facility in our region for volleyball, strength training and cultivating community within Coastline and beyond.
  5. Promoting professionalism and continuous education among our coaching staff.
Founded in 2024 by Joseph Padilla, Coastline Volleyball Club is excited to serve Onslow County, Carteret County and other surrounding counties. Located on the border of Hubert & Swansboro, NC. Coastline strives to help improve the overall level of volleyball in Eastern North Carolina in a supportive and competitive community based environment.

Coastline's core philosophies are:
  • Improving the overall level of volleyball in North Carolina
  • Providing an additional place for boys and girls to learn and play volleyball
  • Fostering a competitive and supportive environment
  • Creating opportunities for youth to grow physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Developing players in the pursuit of competing at the national level
The Coastline community also has access to training which provides opportunities for athletes and people, to develop lifelong self-sustaining habits of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, through performance and personal development.